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His relatives fondly call him "Idoy" meaning good-looking,while his friends called him "Tisoy" because of his caucasian features. Pastor Allan was a newspaper man delivering newspapers to clients on his bicycle rain or shine.
Gaining endurance ,strength and stamina on his daily routines,and greatly influenced by his older brother ,he was inspired to become a professional cyclist in the "Tour Of Luzon", a sprinter at that, giving the likes of Paquito Rivas, Modesto Bonzo,Samson Etrata and many other famous cyclist , a run for their money in the oval. 
But like most of us,Pastor Allan as a youth was not guided by God's Word and had many ungodly friends.While driving home after a night of drinking spree, Pastor Allan together with a friend,fell asleep while driving and  nearly died after a head on collision with a parked container truck. Driving the back part of the truck right through the van like a hammer hitting a tin can. Dazed and bruised but still alive, that night he cried to God and promised to commit his life to the Lord.It was not of luck that he survived, but was a moving of God's powerful Hand in his life.
Pastor Allan is happily married to Ma'am Emma and was blessed with three children, Shirley (Pinky) , Sheila (Bubbles), Sheryll. It was through Bubbles, their special child that God made His way through their lives,when they enrolled her in a Baptist Academy.A preacher came to witness.But because of his stature, he's reluctant to receive the visitor, yet God moved in a special way and tears fell from his eyes after knowing his condition in the sight of God.  

His love for the ministry is always evident. One instance was when he sold his 700 cc big bike where all the proceeds were given to the ministry, a priced possession at that time. Another was when he gave up an enormous income of P2,000 a day by deciding not to sell dirty and sensual tabloids, something most of us will give it a second thought and raised eyebrow, but he stood by the Word of God.
 Now and again, always willing to sacrifice their privacy and their property, he's determined to build a two storey church building on top of their own house. CBBC Manila is so blessed to have him as their Pastor, a man who loved the Lord and His church.   

Yet his life is constantly battered with trials. Two years ago , his older brother Jesse shot himself in the head and died, then just months later, his  dear daughter Bubbles died of Dengue, tragedies that struck so hard and aren't easy  to forget.The once lucrative newspaper business is on its decline due to the advance in information technology.
Now he's fighting the greatest battle of his life. The fight with the dreaded cancer, Lipoma Sarcoma, extracted from his right leg. Doctors described it as big as a peking duck wrapped around his right thigh bone.     
Declining to undergo chemotherapy,and chose to drastically change his diet, the Pastor settled for fish,chicken, fruits, and vegetables as his main diet.Staying away from cancer-feeders such as  meats, sugar and many others.  
But  life goes on for the Godly man. He still thunder the pulpit with powerful sin-hating messages and nothing like an old fashioned Christian song like,  "Keep Me Safe Till The Storms Passes By", to capture the heart of his people before preaching time. Truly, there will be storms in our lives, but with the Lord  we can safely go to the other side.
Pastor Allan Earnhart,a man who earned the heart of his people.  

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